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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Taken by the amazing model guy represented in that <<< photo (Whom you'll most definitely see a lot of)
I like doodling trash
Open and thankful for any constructive criticism ^-^
Welcome to my random comic doodles and attempts at being a good artist \(^O^)/

i need the memes
oh the memes
i need all the memes the memes to survive


Welcome to requests if you want 'em, don't really have any limitations :P
(Though it'll take me a bit ;P HIGH SCHOOL IS LAME)


When you miss the bus because you don't know where it stops but it finally comes, stays for ten seconds, then leaves and you have no other way of getting to schoolBig Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] 
I got tagged by candiedthoughts 

Here's the very aggressive rules:
Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
                                                Write 13 things about yourself.
                                       Answer 13 things asked by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
                                       Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
                                             Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
                                                                   It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
                                                                             Tag backs are allowed.
                        If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tagged you

Le 13 things about me:
  • I have been obsessed with the Gorillaz since the 6th grade (I'm a junior in high school now)
  • I love writing in a bunch of different genres but never finish any of my stories hah yey
  • I'm doing this is Spanish class instead of paying attention like a bad student
  • My favorite number is 13 and is everywhere in my life 
  • Idubbbztv I'm Gay I'm gayyyyyyyyy *for the most part [bi]* and I am very open about it
  • I draw my boyfriend a shit ton he is mah babeee
  • My ACT is 2/19 and I'm ducking gonna die
  • I once got the area of a cube wrong on a geometry quiz
  • I am a compulsive office supply buyer
  • Procrastination Monarch Pixel: Crown 
  • I am wearing a Teen Wolf shirt (from the 80s movie not the new TV show)
  • I love things from the 80s
  • My foot is asleep

Becca's Questions:
  1. How many watchers do you have?
    1. 97 at the moment c:
  2. Opinion on musicals?
    1. They're fucken dope
  3. Opinion on dark chocolate?
    1. Not too big of a fan tbh
  4. Sexual orientation? (If not comfortable sharing, do you like puppies?)
    1. B-b-b-b-b-bi seshual F2U Pink Guy Icon 
  5. Do you plan on having a career related to art? (If you already have a career, what is it?)
    1. Yes, hopefully, to be an illustrator and writer :D
  6. What is your favorite traditional art medium?
    1. Pencils and watercolors probably
  7. Favorite song? Link it, if it's on YouTube or SoundCloud.
    1. Of all time,…, currently:…
  8. What do you have in the background when you're drawing?
    1. If meaning music, usually the radio on my iPod or Troye Sivan :D
  9. If a digital artist, how many layers do you use? If traditional, do you use a lightbox?
    1. No I do not use a lightbox, tbh don't know what that is ;-;
  10. Do you have a significant other?
    1. I do and I love him a lot ^v^
  11. Favorite Pokemon?
    1. Probably Mawile or Miltank 
  12. What's the weather like right now?
    1. Chilly with light sprinkles of rain I believe
  13. By the way, you look amazing today! 
    1. Why thank you, so do you! The FanGirl Emote. 

My Questions:
  1. Digital or Traditional?
  2. Do you watch anime? If so what's one of your favorites?
  3. What grade are you in if you're still in school?
  4. First word that pops into your head?
  5. Got a crush or S.O? Tell me about them c: (If not, got a favorite celebrity or character?)
  6. Favorite food?
  7. What hand do you use to draw?
  8. Still have VHS tapes?
  9. 1-10 how sunny is it at the moment?
  10. Recommend me a song :D
  11. Favorite video game?
  12. How do you say gif?
  13. Most used tool to make art?

  1. Tagging:

Doodling-Wallflower DayseDawn AjaJJ12 Pandiexx Killibyteh ShoLikesTea FabianArtist FandomArtistTrash  asymmetric-ace Crippling-Depression flowersand-rain White-Night-56  Jesshh 
  • Listening to: That's What I Like by Bruno Mars


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